Shaoxing Heli Rectifier Factory is located at Heqiao of the southeconomic development zone of Shaoxing. It covers an area of 8000 square meters including 4000 built-up area. It specialized in manufacturing various rectifiers with over twenty years experience. We have made many sets of 20000A18V25000A12V12000A18V? recti- fier for the streamlines of steel plank, aluminium wheel plating and plate making.
    The products of silicon rectifier, SCR, high frequency swi- tch power supply, simulate and computer ammeter are widely used in the DC power situations of elec- trical plating, electroanalysis, oxygenation of aluminium, electrical polishing, electrical casting, electrophoresis painting and charge of accumulator, etc. Features of our products:
    You can choice the automatic stable pressure, current and current density according to the technics, and the precision is ±1%.t saves the power by 10% adopting three-phase five-column commutate transformer. We can also make 12-phase low wave rectifier and cycle direction exchange rectifier and which gurantees the outlet wave modulus less than 2%.
     It has the function of 0?180 seconds soft jump-start and which avoiding the impact of big current. It takes the advantage of advanced function, convenient modulation and low faults because of the advanced control system.
    It has far off control box whichis very convenient to control and you also can stall computer ammeter integrator by hours or by seconds.
    It guarantees output of power pressure and current and can be used for long time.
    We can adopt numeral or simulation technique to automatic control circles by the requirements of customers.
    Reputation Superior and Quality First is the principle of our factory. All traders are warmly welcome with reliable quality products, satisfied service and substantial price